212 Istanbul

5 - 15 October 2023

The group exhibition titled ‘Where Wild Roses Grow’ features works by international artists as well as from the @borusancontemporary Art Collection, and brings together photographs and videos from different geographies in a fairy-tale atmosphere. Floral designer @yunuskarma made a site specific installation for the exhibition and contributed to the inter-floral narrative with magical touches. 

‘In the beginning, there were the water nymphs. Rivers born from mother earth and oceans, dense forests that cover the sky, wild roses… Nature was once wild, pestilent and generous. Has that now become a myth? Or is it the reality transforming and reincarnating itself along with humanity and the devastating effects of the Anthropocene? The exhibition Where Wild Roses Grow is an opportunity to get closer to nature in a fairy-tale atmosphere.

In addition to the Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, the exhibition features work by 16 international artists and brings together photographs and videos from different geographies. Floral designer Yunus Karma is the creator of the installations that make the inter-floral narrative magical and make us feel the bond we once had in our relationship with nature. Giant trees, fast-growing vines and buds that are just opening turn the place into a secret nymph garden and make the exhibition unique.’


Tine Poppe, Daniel Shipp, Joe Horner, Jason DeMarte, Ellie Davies, Vincent Fournier, Julia Fullerton-Batten, AINE, Wagner Kreusch, Sharon Core, and from Borusan Contemporary Art Collection Eelco Brand, Jennifer Steinkamp, Kurt Hentschlager

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5-15 October 2023

Museum Gazhane | P Gallery
5-15 Ekim
@muzegazhane P Galeri

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