Aesthetica 100th Issue

April/ May 2021

Aesthetica Magazine’s 100th Issue features my work.  I feel very honoured to be amongst so many wonderful artists in this momentum publication.  April/ May 2021.
100th Issue


Aesthetica 100th Issue Cover Image by Kriss Munsya from The Eraser (2020)
Stars 8 was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize in 2016

Aesthetica writes:

‘Stars 8 does so much in one space.  Innately, we are drawn to nature and the enormity of the universe – we have an intrinsic inability to comprehend space and time on such a macro-level.  Davies developed something spectacular here, not just compositionally, but conceptually.  These images are beautiful of course – but these are also expertly made collages with real information.  The stars came from the Hubble space telescope, bringing a sense of inter-connectivity that is simply not achieved in many other ways.  If there is one thing that binds humanity together, it is our time on planet Earth.  These images remind us of our fleeting existence on a grand scale.’