Aesthetica 20th Year Issue

Feb/March 2023

Last month Aesthetica Magazine wrote to me asking if they could include Stars 8 in a ‘round-up of their 10 all-time favourite images’ to go in the special 20th Anniversary Issue of the magazine! Of course I was thrilled and excited to be involved.

The magazine has featured my work in print and online several times over the years and I am very grateful for their ongoing support and enthusiasm, thank you Aesthetica!

It’s a real honour to be featured amongst some of my favourite photographers and to hear my work described as follows:

‘In 2022, the world got to see the first images from James Webb Space Telescope: the largest and most complex observatory ever launched into space. It’s mesmerising shots – including the deepest infrared view of the universe ever taken – encourage us to think about our place in the cosmos. Ellie Davies’ Stars 8 has a similar effect. The artist expertly collages real pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope over dark, shadowy forest scenes. Woodlands are, already, innately magical, but Davies adds another layer to their mystique – blending science and fine aren’t to remind humanity of our fleeting existence.’