Aesthetica Symposium

28 April 2021

I will be taking part The Aesthetica Future Now Symposium on Wednesday 28th April 2021 from 17.00-18.00

Images that Change the Way We See the World

Photographers from the Magazine
‘Aesthetica Magazine is renowned for curation and for talent spotting. There is a certain visual aesthetic that defines what we do. We are looking for images that change the way you see the world and invite viewers to explore a new set of possibilities. How do you take a photograph in a new way? How far can you push the ideas in order to create something that is captivating and contributes to wider discourse on image-making. Hear from some of our favourite photographers over the years including Ellie Davies, Kevin Cooley, Ryan Schude, Yannis Guibinga and Adrienne Raquel.’

Aesthetica Future Now Symposium 2021