Forest Exhibition in Ilinskii Perm Russia

16th September - 16th October 2014

‘Forest’ Exhibition.

16th September – 16th October 2014.

The Forest Museum.

Ilinskii, Perm, Russia.

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International photo exhibition opening in “Perm forest museum” in Ilinskii Village.

The “Forest”  International photography exhibition will open on September 16th at 16:30 in Ilinskii village in Perm region, Russia. The exhibition includes works by leading Russian Wildlife photographers and a series of fantastic forest landscapes by English photographer Ellie Davies. This is the first time that so many of her works will be shown in Russia. Unique pictures of the natural world will appear in Ilinskii as part of the art-project “Forest” curated by Irina Zhuravleva. Irina Zhuravleva and the Forest Project Exhibition series are well known in Perm.

The Forest photo exhibition in Ilinskii has one goal; it supports the opening  of the new “Perm forest museum”.  The Museum will exist as a local regional natural history museum. It will be situated less than 100 km from Perm, on the shore of the Kama Sea, in Ilinskii village. Ilinskii village won “Centre of culture in Perm region 2014”and will now provide a program of events  in groups of towns in the Region with 3-8 thousand citizens. “Perm forest museum” will offer its visitors two exhibitions: one called “Forest on the palm” in the English park near the Exhibiting hall of the museum, and museum exhibition “Forestry tractate” which tells the story of forestry in Russia and its founders – the Teploukhov family.  Ilinskii Regional Natural History Museum is one of the oldest village museums in Perm region. It was founded in 1921.  The opening of «Perm forest museum” in this location, at the homeland of Teploukhov family, is symbolic. The museum combines an ecological theme, the study of natural history, and the history of forestry as a science.

The International photo project “Forest” is a gift to all the visitors of new museum in Ilinskii. Organizers hope that this project will help audiences to feel the world of the forest, and see its beauty in a different way.


Irina Zhuravleva, curator of the Forest Photography Exhibition.

Forest is nature’s cathedral. We, townsfolk, only try to understand this sensitive matter. In forest man realizes he is connected to all things in existence, he returns to himself, and recovers on a physical and spiritual level. Herbs, mosses, mushrooms, lichens, bushes, trees, animals,
thousands of microorganisms — every living thing matters and forms one balanced ecosystem which is forest. We can only save forests for future generations treating them with respect. This exhibition is an attempt to open, at least a little bit, the door to the magical space of a forest, which is a law to itself but is also very hospitable to those who enter open hearted and respectfully.

The Photo Exhibition will be situated in the former house of the Stroganovs’ Perm estate manager, which is a XIX century heritage asset.  The Exhibition combines works of winners and awardees of prestigious Russian and international photo contests, including Ellie Davies (UK), Hiramatsu Tsuneaki (Japan)Sandra Bartocha (Germany), Igor Shpilenok (Russia), Nikolai Zinoviev (Russia), Ivan Kislov (Russia), Vasilii Kolbin (Russia), Igor Podgornyi (Russia), Tatiana Zherebtsova (Russia), Ilia Gomyranov (Russia), Denis Kochetkov (Russia), Aleksandr Kitsenko (Ukraine), Evgenii Viluzhanin (Russia), Andrei Prutenskii (Russia), Ilia Ukolov (Russia), Sergei Belykh (Russia), Alexei Ebel (Russia), Rostislav Mashin (Russia), Ivan Dementievskii (Russia), Evgenii Evgrafov (Russia), Tata Vislevskaya (Russia-Germany), Varvara Lozenko (Russia), Svetlana Politova (Russia).

Three halls contain forest landscapes from all over Russia and abroad, as well as photos by Wildlife photographers.   The latter shows wild animals in their natural habitat.  The images are made by natural park workers and travelers, professional photographers, amateurs, scientists and forest wardens… They share love to the forest and an ability to pass on the atmosphere of this magic place.

Special event is adding Ellie Davies’s pictures to the exhibition. Visitors will see pictures from five series «Stars», «Between the Trees», «The Gloaming», «Come With Me» and «The Dwellings».  Davies turns the forest into a very special artistic space somewhere between magic and reality using light and remarkable installations.

Photo exhibition “Forest” will stay in Ilinskii village for one month. Accreditation is now open for journalists willing to visit opening of the exhibition and Perm forest museum on September, 16 as a part of media tour.


Irina Zhuravleva

Curator of the exhibition «Forest»

+7 982 437 09 41


Maria Lyamina

Public affairs coordinator

+7 912 78 58 994


Ирина Журавлева,
Куратор арт-проекта «ЛЕС»