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October 2011

October 2011


What is a forest?  Is it the trees or is it the space that exists between them?

The series Between the Trees by London-based photographer Ellie Davies (b. 1976) explores the nature and meaning of a forest. By standing alone in the woods, Davies describes the meaning that she experienced within the forest: “the eerie and captivating sensation that time has slowed down and that the forest and everything in it exists in a different state from everything outside.”

In rich arboreal landscapes, Davies offers a mysterious element that is both of the forest and a separate part of it: long trails of an inexplicable white smoke. Seemingly traveling through the forest, or stopping to collect around branches, the smoke becomes a character that occupies the setting. As a force that both divides the individual trees and ties them together, the smoke illuminates the path at the heart of Davies’ question: what is a forest.