Houston Center of Photography Exhibition

3 March - 7 May 2017

Her Feet Planted Firmly on the Ground

“Women’s bodies alter spaces; women’s bodies carry narratives that force us to come to grips with how we function within a patriarchal society.”
-Sybil R. Williams, Professor of Performing Arts, American University

Christa Blackwood
Susi Brister
Jennifer Crane
Ellie Davies
Naima Green
Laura Plageman


Photography can act as an agent of change, simultaneously reflecting society’s traditional roles and circumventing expectations. In the nineteenth century, male photographers featured the female in the landscape as an object or an allegory of sexuality or Mother Nature—something to be gazed upon—rather than an active force. Ellie Davies, Susi Brister, Christa Blackwood, Jennifer Crane, Naima Green, and Laura Plageman use traditional techniques, which reference this history, as a foundation for their work as they insert their new perspectives into the genre. Through self-representation, whether symbolic or through self-portraits, the artists in this exhibition firmly plant themselves in this new, yet familiar cultural landscape.