My typical day in the woods

28th September 2019

An insight into a typical day shooting photographs in the woods.

Heavy rain is my favourite weather for shooting; the light is soft and flat, the leaves glisten with water and the tree trunks and branches become rich and deep in colour.

Today in the woods I came across a small herd of New Forest ponies in a beautiful clearing I wanted to work in, I waited for about half an hour until they gently moved out of shot.  I love these times when something unexpected changes the course of the day; instead of carrying on with my work I sat quietly and waited, and in doing so I was able to slow down and listen to the birds, the rain and just take in the forest and the nature around me.  Absolute peace for a short time.

I started using my bike on shoot days about 3 years ago.  I carry my camera kit (Pentax 645Z) on my back and my tripod on the bike rack and it allows me to cover a much greater area than I could by walking.  I relish the feeling of freedom, solitude and adventure that it gives me.