New series launch – ‘Another Green World’

June 2013

I have just finished my most recent body of work entitled ‘Another Green World’.

There are eight images in the series, please take a look at the website for the full display:



Another Green World, 2013

Another Green World explores how we perceive landscape, our expectations of the natural world, and the boundaries between reality and fiction using fantasy and construction to create imagined landscapes.   This series moves beyond the accepted narratives of lost wilderness, and the impossibility of accessing the ‘real’ wild places of old, and redefines these spaces for the viewer in a fusing of landscape and ‘otherness’.

Another Green World addresses a common sense of alienation from the natural world, exploring and challenging our assumptions that we know and have conquered the landscape.  It is about discovering something unidentified and peculiar; revisiting the possibilities of early explorers and trying to experience the landscape with an open-mindedness wrought from the potential to find something new and unexpected, to recapture the excitement and awe of the pioneers, botanists, scientists and naturalists to whom all possibilities were open.

Using shapes inspired by insect eggs, shells, oceanic diatoms, sea anemones and corals, each ‘form’ is made from materials drawn from the surrounding area – like the cadis fly lava that builds an armoured case to protect and house itself – these forms are disguised or distinguished using seaweeds, river weed, moss, mares tail, bracken, heather, lichen, chalk dust and leaf litter.