Philosophie Magazine

June 2019

Philosophie Magazin Sonderausgabe 10, p. 1 – 2.

‘Hike.  The Way of Thoughts’.

Who goes, sees more, lives longer – and thinks better. Insights that already share ancient philosophers with today’s brain researchers. In fact, thinking in walking and thinking about walking are like fine red threads running through the history of philosophy and literature. Whether as walkers, flaneurs, hikers or spiritual explorers – many great poets and thinkers appreciate the daily walk in forests or cities to come up with new ideas. The current special issue of the Philosophy Magazine accompanies her on her journeys of thought.

Contributed by  Kurt Bayertz , Gerd Kempermann , Frédéric Gros , Thea Dorn and original texts by Henry David Thoreau , Jean-Jacques Rousseau , Walter Benjamin , Søren Kierkegaard , Friedrich Nietzsche ,  Simone de Beauvoir and many others.