WUD: Four Fictional Walks in the Woods

December 2012

Four Walks in the Fictional Woods. Published December 2012.

Inspired by Russell Hoban’s classic novel Riddley Walker.

Four photographers, four sections in four limited editions. Featuring new and original work by Alexander Binder, Ellie Davies, Grant Willing and Jonathan Illingworth.

160 pages. 68 images (38 colour and 30 b&w), printed facing page only on 135gsm White Fedrigoni Symbol Tatami paper. Very large format, approx. 9″/225mm wide x 13″/325mm tall. Handbound at the Tangerine Press workshop, using acid-free papers and boards, conservation glue, hemp cord; distinctive Tangerine logo stamped onto the front cover; 3-colour title page.
ISBN 978-0-9573385-0-0

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